How Big Was Today’s Sell-Off in the NASDAQ?

Today’s market sell-off presented a great opportunity to me because I’m trying to build a reputation as a data analyst and a business consultant to give you some free insight. I am Index Futures trader, and it just so happens that I practice my data science chops on daily stock market data. I have years and years of statistics and data collected on the market and so I can use this data to help you understand today’s sell-off.

So how bad was today’s sell-off in the NASDAQ?

In a word, BAD!

Stocks Tank

According to CNBC, the NASDAQ dropped by a whopping 2.6%

That makes today the 4th worst day in the past 291 days.

The 5-day period starting January 11th, 2022 was worse than 96.2% of the 5-day periods in the past 287 days.

And the 10-Day period beginning January 4th, 2022 was the 3rd worst out a possible 282 choices you could have picked since November 20, 2020.

Diclosure: I am long NASDAQ futures and options on NASDAQ futures

Disclaimer: I am just a data scientist. I am not a stock broker. Do not use any of this information to buy or sell any commodities.

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