How to do Business Intelligence Right

Business Intelligence Done Right

I’ve worked with MS Power BI almost since the day it was introduced at Microsoft and I’ve seen some good implementations and some bad implementations. I believe that the right way to do business intelligence is for your BI system to provide actionable goal-oriented insights, a target time frame when the goals will be achieved, and a way to measure when the goal has been achieved.

A Very Brief History of Developments in BI

For the past decade as computers became more powerful, Business Intelligence became the big trend. Huge software companies spent fortunes developing better software packages with more features and prettier interfaces; but are companies better run now because of this onslaught of BI packages?

I think not!

I think most companies have not been transformed by their BI implementation. Most of the time, I think business intelligence provides curious insights into what is happening with the company, but that insight is not converted into action.

A Real World Example

A company that I work with, is a great example of the short-comings of BI. They have a system that provides their most important metric – the number of cases sold by month and year. Not only does it provide the number of cases sold per month and year, it goes one step further – it measures the cases sold this month vs. the cases sold in the same month last year to show if business is improving or declining.

On months that show improvement over last year – jubilation!

On months the show a decline – concern, but there’s no data to support a change in the way things are done.

The system provides no information on why case sales are less than last year, nor does it explain what can be done to improve things in the future. Month after month and there is no change in corporate behavior because of this system that everybody relies on.

Why Your BI System Must Provide Actionable Data

Without actionable data that changes behavior in the company, Business Intelligence is a just a collection of cool figures and pretty charts.

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